2.6 Multiply Using Expanded Form 4.NBT.5 2 2.7 Multiply Using Partial Products 4.NBT.5 1 2.8 Multiply Using Mental Math 4.NBT.5 1 2.9 Problem Solving: Multistep Multiplication Problems 4.OA.3 1 2.10 Multiply 2-Digit Numbers with Regrouping 4.NBT.5 2 2.11 Multiply 3-Digit and 4-Digit Numbers w/Regrouping 4.NBT.5 2
Students explore multiplication using arrays, partial products, doubling methods and the standard algorithm to solve numerical and word problems. Students will multiply whole numbers and simple decimals by base ten exponents (i.e. .3 x 103).
Chapter 1, Lessons 1-7: 1.1- Place Value Patterns 1.2- Read, Write and Represent Numbers 1.3- Properties 1.4- Powers of Ten 1.5- Patterns 1.6- Multiply 1 digit 1.7- Multiply by 2 digit numbers Commutative Property Distributive Property Powers of 10 Chapter 1, Lessons 8-12: 1.8 - Relate multiplication to division 1.8 - Relate multiplication to division Partial Quotients… Fifth-grade math is a transitional math as students begin to work with fractions, decimal points and beginning algebra in the form of geometrical ideas. Students in fifth grade usually use several computation methods in order to find the answers to math problems and to advance in their own math skills.
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