This adapter allows Mamiya M645 Lenses to be used on any camera that can use a M42 mount adapter. In addition, the adapter allows shifts up to 15mm and tilts up to 10 degrees, making any M45 lens a tilt/shift lens. Adapters to fit Pentacon 6, Bronica, Hasselblad and Pentax 6X7 lenses to the Mirex adapter are available.
M42 lens database and more. You are here: Home. M42 Lens Database. Wide. Mamiya Auto Mamiya/Sekor 35mm f/2.8-16 (v1) Or search by keywords: ...
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The name of the instance from the review (as it is written on the lens itself) Auto mamiya / sekor 1: 2 f = 50mm No.123689: Basic properties: M42x1 / 45.5 - common 'M42' seating thread.; CAR - semi-automatic aperture control using a diaphragm ring and a diaphragm pusher of cameras that have it.; M <-> A - aperture control mode switch.; manual focus only.
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