IB 518, SCIENCE AND POLICY, 2 Credits. An introduction to the science-policy interface in a ‘post-truth’ society. The formulation of state and federal public policy is examined, as well as and role of science and scientist in informing policy, management decisions and public understanding. Current topics are emphasized.
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Chemistry HL Prerequisite: IB Chemistry SL Credit: 1. IB Chemistry HL is a second year continuation of the IB Chemistry SL. It builds to provide a deeper understanding and additional applications of the topics covered in IB Chemistry SL. Topics include matter, its interactions, and energy of matter. The aim of the lab is to find out if the neutralization of NaOH and HCl is exothermic or endothermic, and if we can calculate the enthalpy change of the reaction c using Hess law. The independent variable is the amount of substance and the actual substance used in the reaction.
IGCSE science . IGCSE Biology; IGCSE Chemistry; IB Chemistry . Request a topic! 8+18 - Acids & Bases. 8.1 - Acid Base Theories; 10+20 - Organic Chemistry. 10.1 Organic Chemistry - The Basics; 10.2 - SL Organic Reaction Mechanisms; 20.1 - HL Organic Reaction Mechanisms; 20.2 - Synthetic Routes; 20.3 - HL Isomerism; B - Biochemistry
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