one of the USB ports on the back. Plug a serial cable into the upper 9-pin serial port on the back. If you need networking (netboot image) plug the ethernet cable into the socket on the front of the machine.
CVE-2020-10648: Das U-Boot through 2020.01 allows attackers to bypass verified boot restrictions and subsequently boot arbitrary images by providing a crafted FIT image to a system configured to boot the default configuration. CVE-2020-8432: In Das U-Boot through 2020.01, a double free has been found in the cmd/gpt.c do_rename_gpt_parts ...
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Jun 14, 2014 · Introduction. It’s often desirable to make slight changes to U-Boot in order to adapt it to custom hardware. For example, supporting board-specific features or adding a few routines that give the end-user signs that the device has indeed powered on, and that something is happening while the boot process takes place.
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