[8/9] kernel-yocto: do_kernel_configme: Fix silent sysroot poisoning error: 2016-08-30: Bruce Ashfield: New [3/9] qemuarm: add device tree support: 2016-08-30: Bruce Ashfield: New [0/9] linux-yocto: v4.8 + fixes + configuration updates + RFC: 2016-08-30: Bruce Ashfield: New [0/2] linux-yocto/4.1/4.4: -stable and configuration updates: 2016-08 ...
Gettting Gstreamer/DSP to work thru Yocto/3.2 kernel ... Module Size Used by sdmak 4002 0 lpm_omap3530 6651 0 dsplinkk 128588 1 lpm_omap3530 ...
Linux Kernel and Driver Development with Yocto Linux. ... The extended version of the module digs deeper in kernel module development and debugging techniques as well as new topics such as in-depth device drivers (I2C and SPI devices) and exercises providing more training on modifications and optimizations. After customizing the kernel by following the below instructions, you can either bitbake your complete image (e.g. fsl-image-gui) and the updated kernel will be used, or you can bitbake the kernel alone by running "bitbake virtual/kernel" (see the Build Yocto from source code page for the initial Yocto setup and for more info on using bitbake).. 1 Configuring the kernel
Yocto recipe to build a kernel module out of the kernel tree While it is always preferable to work with sources integrated into the Linux kernel sources, if you need an external kernel module, you could start from this simple recipe based on Yocto Project kernel Development Manual.
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